Saturday, June 29, 2013


Having made the choice to go by my first initial since the age of 17, I have been "D" for so long that I've almost forgotten the sound of my given name. For writing purposes, however, I became "DL," and I was just toying with the idea of asking people to call me "DL" rather than "D." This thought led to a train of thoughts that now has me giggling.

When I write out my name (for instance, on a name tag), I write "Dee" rather than "D" so that people will know how to pronounce it. So if I want people to call me "DL," I'll probably have to spell it Dee-El (since Deel is just begging for trouble).

This implies a relationship to the famous -El clan of comic books and movies. Those of you who are into that sort of thing probably saw the connection before I mentioned it. For the rest of you, a little visual aid:

Kal-El, son of Jor-El (from Man of Steel)

Does that make me a "super"?
Maybe I should just stick with Dee.


  1. Okay, I've been ransacking your blog trying to find a release date for Son of Man, since the beginning is posted at the end of Brothers. Please tell me it's coming soon! I've read the rest of the series in the last week!

  2. Sorry! Make that I read it at the end of Blood!

  3. @Zenkicfamily: Thanks so much for your interest in Son of Man (sequel to The Carpenter and Brothers). I wish I could answer your question, but I honestly don't know. I'm taking a trip to Israel in January and do not expect to finish Son of Man until sometime after I get back. HOPEFULLY I will be releasing the book around June 2014, but that is still tentative. This book is turning out to be the most difficult one so far to write, so your prayers are appreciated!