Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank You, Cecil Murphey

In just a few hours I will be driving halfway across the state to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference.  This experience was made possible by a man I've never met, but whose books I have read (without even knowing it): "the man behind the words," Mr. Cecil Murphey.

I'd like to publicly thank Mr. Murphey (or Cec, as he refers to himself in his writing) both for this opportunity and for sending me a copy of his latest book, Knowing God, Knowing Myself.  Right now, when I should be packing or getting some sleep, I am staying up WAY too late to read it.  I keep saying, "Just one more chapter," but one has turned into forty-three.  At least they're short!  Cec ends each chapter with an aphorism, something to take away and meditate on.  I decided to end my reading tonight with the chapter called "Beginning Again," because it is so timely given my circumstances. This chapter's nugget of wisdom is:
God, remind me that today I can choose to redefine my life. Today I can start again.
Cec has done this in his own life several times, once after returning from six years as an African missionary, and once after a fire destroyed his home and everything in it. "In the process," he writes, "I realized that any of us can start over anytime we choose. But few of us make that decision."

I think God is talking to me.  Again.  (It never ceases to amaze me, that the Sovereign and Creator of the entire universe would bother to talk to me.)  I may be half a century old, but I'm not dead yet, so I'm not finished yet (as Pastor David Uth reminded me last weekend). Like Cecil Murphey, I can choose to start again.  I can "redefine my life."

Hmm, I sense another blog in my future...  ReDEEfining My Life.  Stay tuned for further developments!