Friday, October 9, 2015

Free This Week - TALMID: WATER

TALMID - BOOK 1 - WATER. The ebook is FREE from Sunday Oct 11th to Thursday Oct 15th. Get your copy and tell a friend! 

"I love reading these books about the walks of Jesus from the point of view of those around him. The author clearly says they are fiction, but she does not violate anything that is biblical. I like to think when I pick the book up that I'm about to spend a little while in the company of Jesus or his disciples. I have read all the previous Immanu'El books and loved them all." - K. Loux, Amazon Reviewer

"Dee Maynard has written by far the best Jesus novel I've ever read. " - Susan Pitchford, author of The Sacred Gaze. (Her full review is available at

At the age of eighteen, Yuannan has life all figured out. A fisherman and the son of fishermen, he is well on the way to buying his own boat and settling into the family business. Sure, the tax collectors are corrupt, but his bride is feisty and the fish are always biting. If only it weren't for that nagging dream, the one where he rides at the King's right hand... Then a crazy prophet leads him out into the wilderness and introduces him to a radical teacher who invites him to leave behind everything he's ever known. In a matter of months, Yuannan finds himself adrift in a world where nothing makes sense anymore. His only anchor: Yeshua, who claims to be much more than just another teacher. Some say he's a prophet; others say he's a madman; a few even accuse him of being the prince of demons. Whatever he is, Yuannan is inescapably drawn to him. Caught between the desire to follow Yeshua and the pull of his old life, Yuannan soon finds his dream turning into a nightmare. But if Yeshua is who Yuannan thinks he is, then he's worth every sacrifice. The TALMID Trilogy (Water, Bread, and Blood) is part of the Immanu'El series, novels written from the perspective of the men and women who walked with Jesus along the dirt roads of Galilee two thousand years ago.

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  1. Thank you for the free download! Love your books!