Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brothers Chapter Titles

Up until now, the only one of my books that had chapter titles rather than numbers was The Voice, where each title was a Hebrew word or phrase.  After much consideration, I've decided to assign titles to the chapters in Brothers: each title is a phrase used somewhere in that chapter.  (The name preceding each title is the brother from whose point of view the story is told.) Here's the Table of Contents:

A Note About the Dates and Names

Part One: When We Were Children

Katan: “A Matter of Teshuvah”
Yisu: “Like a Knife in the Gut”
Katan: “Practically a Mitzvah”
Yisu: “Nothing but Dust”
Katan: “The Thing about Living in a Sukkah”
Yisu: “You Can’t Believe Everything Your Father Tells You”
Katan: “All I Had Hoped For”
Yisu: “Promises”
Katan: “To Touch the Hand of God”
Yisu: “His Father’s Tomb”
Katan: “The Rod”

Part Two: Rites of Passage

Yisu: “If It Please the Rabbi”
Katan: “The Life of a Fisherman”
Yisu: “Manna”
Katan: “The Laws of Hospitality”
Yisu: “Psalms of Ascent”
Katan: “What Takes a Grown Man’s Strength”

Part Three: Burdens

Yisu: “Old Enough to Hang”
Katan: “Absalom”
Yisu: “Death”
Katan: “To Honor Our Fathers”
Yisu: “Onarion”

Part Four: Love

Katan: “Something That Would Last Forever”
Yisu: “It’s Just Part of Life”
Katan: “So Much for L’Shanah Tovah”
Yisu: “The First Commandment”
Katan: “His Zealot Son”
Yisu: “All the Other Answers”
Katan: “Like Mortar Cured in the Sun”
Yisu: “The Dust of Death”
Katan: “It Could Have Been Me”
Yisu: “If Wood Could Feel Pain”
Yisu: “Because I Know”
Katan: “Like Snow in Summer”
Yisu: “For He Will Be a Help to Me”
Yisu: “Flint”
Katan: “Let’s Just Get This Over With”
Yisu: “For a Good Cause”
Katan: “Under the Chuppah”
Yisu: “Alone”
Katan: “There Was Leah”

Part Five: Sacrifice

Katan: “Standing Watch”
Yisu: “God Will Strengthen”
Katan: “Purim”
Yisu: “The Edge of the Ruin”
Katan: “God Forbid”
Yisu: “I Will Rejoice”
Katan: “The Broken Things”

Part Six: Mercy

Yisu: “The Path of Healing”
Katan: “Brace”
Yisu: “God Is Merciful”
Katan: “My Father”
Yisu: “Hearts Don’t Break”

A Glossary of Hebrew and Aramaic Terms 

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